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See what people are saying about Jason.

Jason Lucash is an exemplary speaker who uniquely excels at engaging and inspiring through his real world insight and high level of entrepreneurial success. The Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization was honored to have him join us and speak to nearly 1,400 attendees at our 2012 Annual National Conference, and his entrepreneurial star power left him as one of the highest ranked speakers of the event. For a successful entrepreneur of his caliber, not only did Jason connect directly to our attendees and leave them laughing, excited, and motivated, engaging them on a real level they could relate to, but he went above and beyond to enhance the event experience and the impact on each individual attendee. Jason is an entrepreneurial rockstar and having him speak was one of the best decisions we made!​


​-Katie Sowa​

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization



I was impressed with his casual, laid back delivery. But Jason was able to keep everyone in the room’s attention.  The humor and "real" world experiences were great.​

​-K.C. Wright​

 Noalmark Broadcasting​


Jason Lucash embodies what every ‘trep should want to be – serious about success, but willing to have some fun along the way; laser-focused on the business at hand, but able to engage with others and to understand the power of effective communications. Jason’s experience, humor and knack for connecting with his audience are a tremendous combination. His presentation at the 2013 Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference was one of the most highly rated components of our event. I would strongly recommend Jason as a speaker or adviser on topics ranging from the fascinating story behind OrigAudio to “best practices” for entrepreneurs to working with news media.


​-Tom Still

 Wisconsin Technology Council

As keynote speaker for the Emerging Trends in Retailing Conference during 2012, Jason Lucash enthralled the audience with his creative approach to technology and sustainability.  Lucash’s story of determination and resilience in the creation of his company OrigAudio was both engaging and inspirational.  Innovation is key to entrepreneurial success.  Jason exemplifies the characteristics of a true entrepreneur.


​-Claudia Mobley

 University of Arkansas


Every year we host a what is probably the biggest young aspiring entrepreneur's charity event in the country with over 600 people attending. We read OrigAudio's story in Entrepreneur Magazine and knew we had to bring Jason out to South Africa to come present and inspire our community. Jason has a brilliant entrepreneurial story and shows a very real journey from the corporate workplace to entrepreneurship. Not only will you get inspired , but you will gain a lot of insight into starting a business, growing it, the up and downs, and doing clever things along the way. 


​-Rob Zagey

 Entrepreneur Insight South Africa


"Jason is raw entrepreneurial talent. His story and experiences inspired our audience to consider how to build, grow, and adapt their ventures in ways that only a founder can relay. The reputation that he has built for his young company and their products is just incredible."​

​-Adam Knapp​

 Baton Rouge Entrepreneur Week



Jason opened up our annual UCLA Anderson Entrepreneur Association Conference by recounting his exciting journey from ideation to his business today. As someone who started fairly recently and has found much success, Jason shared many valuable insights with the aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience. Jason kicked off the conference with great energy and enthusiasm, and we were thrilled to have him.​

​-Simon Ha​

UCLA EA Conference



Jason spoke to over 300 entrepreneurs and business people at the ThinkTec Small Business Innovation Summit sponsored by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. He has a great story to tell, and his talk is engaging and exciting – it’s a story and lessons that inspires and​

the attendees really appreciated how he stayed afterwards and talked informally with a lot of people, genuinely enjoying being around fellow entrepreneurs!

I also use video clips of his appearance on Shark Tank in teaching entrepreneurship to undergraduates. There are a lot of practical lessons in those short clips!​

​-Peter L.​

 ThinkTec Charleston​


Jason was the keynote guest speaker for my undergraduate class  Financing New Business Ventures.  Jason provided a content rich and inspiring presentation on his experience with Orig Audio as well as entrepreneurship and starting a business.  Students loved his presentation and excitement.  I thank Jason for taking the time out of his busy schedule to present to my class.


​-Nick Briscoe

 University of California, Davis


Jason has participated on a number of occasions in CEI’s Entrepreneurship Case Lecture Series. His presence at the podium is tremendous and his ability to deliver a compelling message is dynamic and inspiring. The students always rate him highly as  a speaker and point to him as one of their favorites each year. Jason will always be welcome as a guest lecturer in our program and we continue to look forward to hosting him in the future.


​-Jamie Kraft

 University of Florida


Jason spoke at our ICE 20212 event and he blew it out of the park! He was incredibly flexible and easy to work with. His presentation was attention grabbing and his demonstration- amazing. If you want an audience to collectively “wow” at a presenter, Jason is your guy. The pure mention of his attendance drew a crowd big enough to pack our auditorium to standing room only, and after listening to him, it was understandable why. I would strongly recommend booking him for any speaking event!​

​-Jack Kramer​

 ICE 2012


Jason’s story was intriguing and relatable to any entrepreneur.  He was very personable and mixed/mingled with the audience.  Great attitude!​

​-Shay Kaldem

 Arkansas Women's Business Center


Jason is an exceptional speaker, and I highly recommend him for your next event.  His experience as an entrepreneur was extremely informative as well as motivational.   Jason is a down to earth guy whose demeanor and presentation kept everyone engaged.​

​-Sherry Howard​

 Winrock International​


Jason Lucash was a speaker at our 21st Annual Retail Smarter Symposium hosted by the Retail Center at the University of Florida.  He was a highlight of the conference.  As a young entrepreneur, Jason told the story of his inventions and his journey in appearing on Shark Tank.  The audience was intrigued and very inquisitive to learn about Jason during Q & A.

​-Betsy Trobaugh

 Retail Smarter Conference


Jason is a very genuine, engaging and funny public speaker. His stories are both informative and entertaining. He was the keynote speaker for the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Conference and served on a panel that I moderated about prototyping. He's also just a good guy to hang out with during receptions. (Hopefully his growing fame won't change this about him.) Good luck in what promises to be a shining and successful public speaking future!


​-Zack Robbins

 Morgridge Institute for Research


Jason Lucash is an exceptional entrepreneurial storyteller. He weaves the story of his journey in a way that engages audience members of any age and experience. At LSU, we've been able to host wonderful speakers from many industries. Without a doubt, Jason stands out as a highlight from our program. There is a lot to learn from his honest story of innovation, swimming with sharks, and ability to make music flow from all sorts of strange places.


​-Jarett Rodriguez

 Louisiana State University


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